Desire and Pay Attention

Hang around NRCC for any amount of time, and you’ll hear the spiritual journey described as a two-step dance—Desire and Pay Attention.

That’s how we distill out the spiritual journey:
Desire truth, beauty, life, divine presence, virtue, and wisdom.
And then Pay Attention.

As we develop eyes that see and ears that hear, we find Divine Life is always present, always speaking, always leading us forward. Everything we need for spiritual growth is ever-present.

There is a Zen proverb: When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.
That has been our experience. When we are ready, and paying attention, the Spirit of God is always broadcasting what we need for the next step.

But paying attention over a sustained period is difficult.

So our tradition has evolved an ancient set of spiritual practices to help us—four categories of paying attention practices. In our community, we call them Working the Circle.

  • Communal spiritual practices
  • Contemplative spiritual practices
  • Learning spiritual practices
  • Serving spiritual practices


If you watch the announcements, about every week you’ll be invited to some event or gathering, the purpose of which is to integrate these ancient practices into our lives. Join in!