Three things will probably stand out to you when you first walk in the door:

1. Casual Simplicity

We don’t dress up at NRCC—not in our Sunday-best and not with nifty personas to cover our shortcomings. Authentic is more important to us than smooth or impressive. Also, we share space with another church. It’s a simple approach to space—no debt and a smaller environmental footprint. We like that. Inside, our decor is casual and streamlined. It’s a space conducive to connecting with one another.

2. A Feeling of Community

We believe spirituality happens best in community. So we’re always looking for ways to connect with each other. We have a pretty active meetup group to help us connect. We do all kinds of groups and service projects together. Also, after the lesson, many of us (not just the minister) speak up and say what we think. We don’t always agree with the minister, and everybody seems ok with that.

3. Un-Churchy Spirituality

The Christian Church isn’t very healthy these days. When we were thinking about how to pursue our spiritual journeys, we didn’t find contemporary church culture all that appealing. Instead, we looked to ancient Christian practice and wisdom from our own time. We hit on a mixture of ancient sacred texts, history, psychology, and science. Our lessons are pretty well considered. It’s an approach we’ve found refreshing and good for our souls.

We will invite you to belong.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the spiritual journey–new and eager, or seasoned and disillusioned. Your political leanings don’t matter either. Nor do your race, or whether you’re straight or LGBT. None of that matters to us. We’ll invite you to belong . . . right along with everybody else.

Our hope is that you will find friendship here—spiritual, close, perhaps even life-long.

However, friendships aren’t something that can be manufactured. Like trees or flowers, they grow on their own. We can put seeds into soil, we can add water, but we can’t make them grow.

So, we create lots of spaces for folks to find a way of belonging that fits them.

If you are comfortable belonging in a public way, come on Sunday mornings. Listen and observe.
If you are more comfortable staying anonymous, that’s OK with us.

If you want to belong in a social way, we have a pretty active meetup group. With lots of ways to connect to others, our hope is that as you develop friendships, trust, and affection.

If you want to belong in a more intentional way, we’ll invite you to a group. Our groups share focus on the spiritual journey. Some meditate together. Others read books. Several study the enneagram and talk about how it informs our lives. Some groups last a long time, others for just a few weeks.

The bottom line is this: we’ll invite you to belong here—to any degree you would like.

We will invite you to explore your inner life.

Awareness and sensitivity to the Divine Spirit within us is the center of the spiritual life. We teach our children that the Spirit of Jesus is in our hearts. As adults, we expand that simple truth to embrace the ancient practices that awaken us to interior spirituality.

At NRCC, dogma, creed, or orthodoxy aren’t a big deal for us. We’re Christian, but to us that means traveling together on our quest for firsthand encounters with the great God-Story.

We don’t give much attention to making sure people believe the right stuff. More important is that we share the journey together and help one another awaken to the Indwelling Spirit of God.