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  • February 2017 Community Financial Report

    2.17 Community Financial Report For those who like words: Our giving in February was almost to budget.  Well, alright, it was about $1,000 below budget.  And, that didn’t help us catch up since we were behind in January.  So, now we are just over $6,000 behind. The good news is

  • No Longer Park on Clifton Street

    Please do not park on Clifton Street on Sunday mornings. It is legal, but it creates difficulty for the people who live on the street backing out of their driveways. Please park instead in the main parking lot, leaving the first two rows of parking for the Temple people.

  • Nursery and Preschool Helpers Needed

    We need Nursery and Preschool helpers for Sunday mornings. We ask our parents to help once each quarter and then welcome anyone else who would like to join in the fun! Volunteers help with story time, crafts, snacks, and playtime. It’s a great time to get to know and love on our littlest