Welcome.  We’re North Raleigh Community Church, an emerging spiritual community rooted in two convictions.  First, we believe God’s Spirit indwells each of us, and second, it is our desire to help each other awaken to that compelling presence within.  We are traveling the spiritual journey together, practicing the ancient Christian pathways, and considering the wisdom and truth available to us in our contemporary society.

We don’t focus very much on dogma or creed.  We are unquestioningly Christian, but we don’t make it a requirement to believe a certain way to belong here.  Our heart is non-denominational, emerging, accepting, and embracing of all.

We’ve been here in north Raleigh for more than a decade.  When we began, we were a group of wounded church-folk, deeply disillusioned with the way church is commonly practiced.

Since then, we’ve been questioning the core Truths of our faith and rethinking how to follow Jesus.  We’re trying to tell the story of God, Jesus, and the spiritual journey in a way that more deeply engages and inspires us.

If you’re local to north Raleigh, we’d love to meet you.

We know finding a church home is a challenge.  First, there is the sheer volume of churches here in Raleigh.  Second, each one of them has a distinctive flavor.

We’ve packed a lot of information into this website to help you figure what our flavor is.  If it resonates with you, again, we’d love to meet you. (watch video)

God bless you on your journey.

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